Chapter 7 Attorney - How To File For Bankruptcy

The process of finding a Chapter 7 attorney might sound difficult, as you may have never needed legal defense before. This is actually not terribly difficult, as this step merely starts with your asking some simple questions. Go around and ask your friends and relatives for honest recommendations for a practicing lawyer in bankruptcy or if they know of any. This should get you started.

You will probably want to set a budget for yourself in regards to how much you are able to spend on a attorney. Funds are extremely tight, so you will not want to exceed what you can afford. The best defense is ideal, but it will do you little good if you cannot pay retention fees.

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Once an Chapter 7 attorney has been decided upon, you will want to make a list of all the credit cards you have, if you have any. Get in contact with the companies to request for the most up to date balance information on these cards.

Next, you will want to get all of your bank statements together. Go to your bank and get all information in regards to all checking, savings, and IRA accounts. Also, obtain details regarding Certificate of Deposit accounts if this applies to you.

Your income paperwork and data will be extremely important in filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, so go ahead and obtain that as well. Your lawyer will need these documents as evidence to show the court that you cannot afford to pay your bills. All pay stubs, income statements, royalties, and stock dividends should be collected if you have them.

You will want to cite your assets and liabilities you might have, such as the mortgage on your house. All asset information will need to be presented, so find out all inventory of a business you might own and stocks you may own. Vehicle payments and those pertaining to child support will also apply here.

Finally, your lawyer will help you fill out all the forms necessary for filing for Chapter 7. This process will be carried out with the help of the court and you will receive all the advice you need in how to surmount your financial woes.

Finding the right lawyer in this situation is of the utmost importance, but assisting your legal representative in gathering all pertinent information for your case is also necessary. Your ideal attorney will be experienced and qualified in this field of law and you should be fine. The process may take some time and patience, but you will be starting your life over towards a balance of zero in no time.

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