Declare Bankruptcy - Why Would You Ever Declare Bankruptcy

Are you under a lot of financial stress and your debts just keep piling up? Does it ever feel like there is no way out and that you will never get to a point where you can manage your finances? You could declare bankruptcy, but that is a very scary situation. Here is what you are looking at and another option.

First, if you declare bankruptcy you will have to get an attorney or figure out how to do it yourself. This will cost you over $1,000 and if you think about it, how can you afford an attorney if you cannot afford your debts? Seems silly right?

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Next, you will have to go to court and tell your story. You will be asked why you are declaring bankruptcy, if you have anything of value that your creditors could use to get money from you, and a series of many questions. If you answer untruthful you will be put in jail for perjury and nobody needs that.

Last, you will suffer the consequences of your bankruptcy for up to 10 years. Your credit will be shot and you will struggle to get any type of financing for a while, then your financing will be high interest, high risk financing.

Your other option, so that you can avoid declaring bankruptcy is to go to credit counseling. A credit counseling service will help you to manage a monthly payment on your debts and will teach you how to budget correctly. They will make sure you do not have to declare bankruptcy to start over.

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